20 August 2018 

Golly gosh, things are going well for us! Regular radio play on KXCI and spots on KTDT, gigs stacking up, and we've been making some truly groovy noise with our new addition, Max Mileage. This month's CT gig will be a special one as a tribute to one of our honored patrons, we will be selling t-shirts and Limited Edition stickers with our new logo as well as shirts dedicated to Julie and donating the proceeds. Be sure to drop in, grab a good brew, and get some dope schwag!

Desert Sage

29 August 2015 

Kevin's goldfish really wanted to be in a music video before it died and we were glad to grant its last request! Check out this vid for Asteroid Taxicab, featuring lasers, space fish, and a flyover from the International Space Station (thanks to NASA and JPL for making science cool!). (video moved to Arc-Hive)

21 November 2016

Ahoy! We've been quiet for a few months but not inactive as we lost one of our guitars when Marko graduated in May. We have a new second guitar, Austin, and we have been working on a bunch of new songs (+ lyrics) and we have really tightened up our improv. Currently, we are fishing for new gigs, so expect to see us out at least once more before the end of 2016. Until then, enjoy this sample out of a recent session, coupled with a nonsense video Brian made that he insists is "open to interpretation". You tell us, enjoy! (video moved to Arc-Hive)

KXCI Tucson, 91.3 fm


27 May 2018 

The last few months have been exciting and productive! We still have a standing gig the last Sunday of every month at the fabulous Crooked Tooth Brewing Company, and helped them celebrate their 1 year anniversary in November of 2017. We also cloistered ourselves for a few months to prepare for the studio, and spent a day at Waterworks Recording putting together an EP in April. I understand we may finally have copies to distribute at Crooked Tooth tonight, and we're taking steps to make the EP available on iTunes and other capitalist outlets. Stay tuned!

Little Cloud also frequents the Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. and have a unique sound that is worth checking out. Do so!

15 September 2017 

Greetings! This site went a good while without an update, but it wasn't because we weren't busy. In fact, we've been crazy busy. We have been playing the last Sunday of every month at the awesome Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. for almost a year now. CT is actually having their 1 year anniversary on Saturday, 4 November, and we're going to be part of the celebration along with Little Cloud, don't miss it!  Also since the last update we have a new drummer, Brandon, and a new guitarist and singer, Austin. Three good reasons to check us out.

KTDT-LP Dowtown Radio, 99.1fm


Also, check out our good friends, The Desert Sage on the Facebooks or at www.desertsagemusic.com.  This is Brian and Kevin's other band. 

Upcoming Gigs:

       @Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

         31 March @3pm

       @Public Brewhouse

         21 April @5pm

                                           Click here for details

Little Cloud

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